At Pinscreen we’re working on creating 3D virtual avatars with as little input as possible, using a combination of computer graphics, computer vision and machine learning. See for more news!

At Imagination Technologies I was a lead engineer on the Unity 5 Progresive Lightmapper project, which is released in Unity 5.6. Check my presentation out to get an idea of what I was working on.

Here are two projects I worked on at ILM (Lucasfilm):

For Pacific Rim I helped speed up the rendering of lights in fog/smoke (any volumetric media) by a factor of 10.

In this project for creating a on-stage virtual production environment, I was part of the team working on the real-time rendering techniques used to achieve the filmic look.

Just a little mock-up pathtracer implemented in Unity using DirectCompute.

I worked on getting this paper published in the spring of 2012.

Computer Graphics Lab, Alexandra Institute publication page

Technical University of Denmark, DSC page

Another project from the Alexandra Institute, where I worked on bringing some volume rendering to the SPPM (stochastic progressive photon mapping) method, this video is a result of that.

Here’s a project I worked on, centered around real-time fake fluid dynamics, expanding on a procedural fluid flow technique by Robert Bridson, by adding more artist control and real-time boundary collision.